Indian LGBTQ Documentaries

Eunuchs India’s Third Gender (1991)Eunuchs: India’s Third Gender”, explores the ancient tradition of the Hijras of India and how their life style has changed from healing gurus to prostitution in modern India. Trailer
Main hijra hoon: A Eunuch Named Sunita (1998)It is a self portrait of a Hijra named Sunita. Trailer
Bombay Eunuch (2001)A haunting evocation of the emotional and political lives of a family of eunuchs living in the margins of today’s India. Trailer
Many People, Many Desires (2007)Cutting across class, gender, language and caste, the film tells the stories of gay/bisexual/lesbian persons living in Bangalore. Its aims to mobilize debate and generate support from within and outside the sexual minority communities.
Project Bolo: Indian Lgbt Movement (2011)For the first time in India, 20 LGBT persons in four cities open up in a candid manner to offer an inside view into their lives, views and accomplishments in PROJECT BOLO, meaning ‘Project Speak Up’.
Main Mona Ahmed (2013)It is a documentary on a eunuch named ‘Mona Ahmed ‘ a 75 year old who left her community and now lives in graveyard from last 15-20 years in Daryaganj, old Delhi. Watch
Purple Skies (2014)Heartrending stories of LBT people victimized and subjugated by the law, the family and society, as well as hopeful stories of youngsters who have come out of the closet bravely.
Breaking Free (2015)Filmmaker and gay activist Sridhar Rangayan embarks on a personal journey to expose the human rights violations faced by the LGBTQ community in India due to a draconian law Section 377 and homophobic social mores of a patriarchal society.
Transindia (2015)Transindia takes you on a journey on their true lifestyles, a discovery of their beliefs and cultures, and an insight in how they struggle to find a place in the Indian society. Trailer
Mardistan: Reflections on Indian Manhood (2015)Mardistan (Macholand) is an exploration of Indian manhood articulated through the voices of four men from different generations and backgrounds. Watch
Koovagam (2017)Party animal Rosh goes for a bash he’ll never forget – with 100,000 members of the transgender community.
Part 1 Part 2
Welcome Valentine (2017)The film explores the ideas of love, politics and Hindu religion in contemporary Ahmedabad, Gujarat through a priest who has been marrying off eloping couples in a Hanuman Temple. Not just eloping couples but also people from the LGBT community.
Inaayat (2017)It is a positive documentary movie on a gay professor and his relationship with his mother. It reveals the positive life of himadri and how his mother supports him from his childhood. Trailer
Bird Of Dusk (2018)Bird of Dusk is a documentary on Rituparno Ghosh, directed by Sangeeta Dutta.
Gopi (2018)Gopi was the youngest and first intersexual to run in the Legislative Assembly elections in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Everyday, Gopi fights for the rights of the intersex people and the LGBTQIA community.
Nirvana (2018)For eighteen days of the year, the small village of Villipurgam in Tamil Nadu is transformed into ‘Koovagam’, the largest gathering of transgender women in Asia. Filmmaker Jess Kohl visited the area with the support of local transgender NGO Born2Win to film this compelling portrait of the lives of two attendees—Aaliyah Kahn and
Please Mind The Gap (2018)The snaking lines of the tube connect the whole city of Delhi, the national capital. Passengers’ board from different places and head in several directions. The Film is one such ride with Anshuman, a transman. It attempts to look at the metro space from his perspective. Doors will open on the quest.
Singular: The Queen of Success (2019)It is the first cinematic documentary on the Life of the Transmodel Archie Singh. The film shows the struggle of the model beginning from her childhood to the dream she has achieved. Trailer
Gay India Matrimony (2019)Shot over the period of five years, from 2014-2019, a tumultuous period in the struggle for queer rights, the film engages with the diverse perspectives, debates and humorous transactions that go on in one’s interaction with the institution of marriage and unpacks our worlds of desires, expectations and the dreams of expanded rights. Trailer
Admitted (2020)Admitted is a striking, uplifting and pathbreaking journey of five decades to become the first Transgender student of Panjab University.
Outcast (2020)This documentary is a prelude to the September 6, 2018 landmark judgment of the Supreme Court of India that had decriminalized homosexuality in the country.
Sab Rab De Bande (2020)Sab Rabb De Bande brings forth the various challenges that LGBTQ Sikhs grapple with and the different ways in which they reconcile their faith and gender/sexual identities. The documentary, through interviews with LGBTQ Sikhs, captures the varied experiences of queer Sikhs.
Secrets of Seenagers (2020)For the first time ever older gay men from India have come together on the screen and shared their amazing lives and experiences.  Trailer
Olpo Jana Golpogulo/The Less Known (2020)A documentary about marginalized gender and sexual minorities of North Bengal. Trailer
This Beautiful Journey (2020)Escape “remotely” or “virtually” from home to India! Find local treasures with me in the regions of Delhi, Haryana, and Kolkata where no commercial tour guide will take you to. The rustic and new India is at your fingertips now. Watch
Desire? (2020)The every day realities of some people who identify as asexual, creating small ruptures in the homogenising culture of hypersexuality. Watch
Mangalamukhi: Blessings of a Transgender (2020)Guddi and Kanchi live in Uttar Pradesh and struggle to survive as transgenders in the society. Comparing themselves with transgenders in Indian folklore who were considered above men or women, they struggle for their basic human rights and acceptance in today’s world. Watch
Towards Hope (2021)It is a conversational documentary on Milin Dutta’s life journey as a trans man, as he navigates his life between his birth place in Guwahati, Assam and workplace in Minneapolis, USA. Trailer