India’s LGBTQ Film & Literature Festivals

KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

South Asia’s biggest queer film festival and India’s only mainstream queer film festival. Voted as one of World’s Top 5 Coolest LGBT Film Festival. Website:

Reel Desires – Chennai International Queer Film Festival – CIQFF

Reel Desires: Chennai International Queer Film Festival – CIQFF is an annual event brought to you by queer and ally collectives and NGOs based in Chennai. Website:

Out & Loud Pune International Queer Film Festival

The Out & Loud Pune International Queer Film Festival, powered by MIST, is an annual event showcasing handpicked queer films from the world over. Website:

Bangalore Queer Film Festival (BQFF)

BQFF is an annual event full of queer films from the world over, photo exhibitions, art exhibitions, performances and panel discussions. Website:

Hyderabad Queer Film Festival

HQFF showcase indigenous movies that brought “Queer” into cinema, and discussions with queer directors and puts into context queerness. Facebook Page:


India’s first travelling campus LGBTQ film festival – film screenings and discussions held at campuses across India. Website:

Advait- Pune Queer Film Festival

It is an annual film festival organized by Samapathik Trust in Pune. Facebook Page:

Chennai Rainbow Film Festival

Chennai Rainbow Film Festival is one of the premier LGBT themed film festivals in the country being organised by Chennai Dost. Website:

Dialogues: Calcutta International LGBT Film & Video Festival

DIALOGUES is a celebration of writers, directors, actors and their work dealing with gay lesbian, bisexual, and transgender themes and issues. Facebook Page:

Queer & Allies Art Festival- Pune

The queer art festival gives a chance to see local queer and queer-friendly artists displaying their pictures and paintings, with some interesting movies. Website:

Delhi QueerFest

The Nigah QueerFest is an annual queer arts festival in Delhi. Community funded, it brings together workshop, film, performances, public gatherings and a visual arts exhibit with a belief that creating queer culture was a powerful form of politics Website:

Awadh Queer Literature Festival

AQLF aims to promote and empower queer literature through workshops, book readings, theatres, film screenings, networking and exhibitions.

Rainbow Literature Festival

The Rainbow Lit Fest – Queer And Inclusive, seeks to be inclusive, bringing together different identities and sections of society to explore common ground

Queer LitFest Chennai

It is India’s first literary festival dedicated to highlighting LGBTQIA+ literature and art.

Samabhav – A Travelling Film Festival

SamaBhav (meaning equanimity) is a unique 2-day film festival on Gender Diversity, Masculinity and Relationships that has been travelling to cities and districts across India.


an arts festival for transgender persons organized by the Social Justice Department, Kerala. Source

Transgender Short Film Festival

This national level film festival is organized by the Transgender Resource Center (TRC) in Maduria. Source

Kovai Queer Film Festival

It is held at Coimbatore for the Queer folks to realize that they have support and for the non-queer folks to embrace our presence and hopefully render support in the days coming down the pike.