LGBTQ Indian Short Films

Bomgay (1996)

It is often regarded as India’s first gay film and consists of six segments, each based on a poem by Indian writer R. Raj Rao.

Sundar (2015)

Cross-dressing is one of those taboos and is also one of the common urges which is trashed and made to choke. it’s considered to be as weird—it’s the ‘weird’ truth of just being different. but one still has to live. and most of the times they live closeted. if we say, everyone has the right to live life the way they want, then why not let everyone live the way they want? Trailer

The Sixth Element (2016)

This film explores the relationship between two matured women which is beyond physical needs, emotional dependence, a relationship that neither of the two are able to explain but they do understand, there is something to it and whatever they have is special—–special beyond words and actions.

In My Own Skin (2016)

A teenage boy trying to figure out something about himself which may not be what it seems like at first.

Maacher Jhol (2017)

Maacher Jhol – The fish curry is about a son coming out to his father, while he prepares his favourite dish – which is the Maacher Jhol.

Hota Toh !! (2017)

A short film exploring the possibility of “what if?” ……..Hota toh???

Sisak (2017)

Set in the fast-paced environs of the bustling Mumbai local trains, Sisak details a wordless romance that develops slowly and intoxicatingly, nestled in the silences and quiet comforts of the end-of-day train journeys between two men.

Cover Story (2017)

Randeep, a successful advertising executive, is in turmoil as his boss Neeraj, dismisses a same-sex ad film idea proposed by his junior colleague Rashi. He senses a deep sense of homophobia and sets into deep introspection about his own sexuality. What if his boss or colleagues find out that ‘he is gay’.

Baby Steps (2017)

Baby Steps is a sweet simple story of a mother and son coming to terms with the decisions regarding their personal life.

It’s OK Pammi! (2017)

It is about a mother’s struggle to make peace with her daughter who has come out of the closet.

Amar, Prem (2018)

Amar, Prem a young couple, are stuck in a relationship that feels old! Will they get out of this rut?

Birds of Paradise (2018)

The film travels through a day in the life of three Trans genders, set amidst the binary and morality of the society.

Roohi (2018)

It’s 1996 and Roohi has decided to follow her heart and marry the person she loves. Her family cannot accept it but will they stop loving her for her choices?

Gray (2018)

The story narrates a tale of a woman who loves her husband but has come to know of him being Gay only after marriage. He has married her under family pressure, but he is afraid to open up with his family about his preferences.

M.O.M (2018)

M.O.M. is a 19 min fiction film which is based on the subject of bullying where the central character is effeminate and has been bullied right from his childhood for his effeminate behavior.

Let Love Be (2019)

Every year, the LGBTQ celebrates Pride March, but are they free to walk back home in PRIDE? This independence day, let’s free ourselves of our judgements and LET LOVE BE!

Monsoon Date (2019)

The journey of a young woman seeking love and acceptance but will her date accept a heartbreaking truth from her past?

Pencil Box (2020)

A heart touching story of a young boy, his loving family and eunuchs

Miss Man (2019)

After being dejected by his homophobic father for his sexuality and by his lover for not being a woman, Manob struggles with his identity and faces questions that he may not be ready to confront yet.

Sunday (2019)

When the middle-aged Kamble makes his weekly visit to the neighbourhood barber shop, it’s not just for a shave. He can’t wait to be touched by Jaan, the new barber-boy he has a crush on.

The Song We Sang (2020)

Krishna and Alia spend the night walking the city of Ahmedabad, holding conversations about love, home, religion & fears— a brewing chemistry in the backdrop of a cold festive night of Navaratri

Queer Parivaar (2020)

An interfaith wedding. A mysterious gatecrasher. A musical journey beyond binaries.

Saving Chintu (2020)

An American – Indian gay couple travels to India to adopt a child living with HIV in an Indian orphanage. Will the couple be able to cope up with the cultural challenges in India? Trailer

Sheer Qorma (2020)

The film revolves around a woman and a non-binary person in love with each other. Trailer

Love Knows No Gender (2020)

It is a story about a girl who is struggling to come out, thinking her mom will never understand her. Trailer

Swipe Stories (2020)

Based on a true story, this is how Meera and Priya met on Tinder, worked together on zoom, introduced their pets to each other virtually, kept each other company online, and started something epic! Watch

Tere Mere (2020)

It takes you into the world of two lovers, their spaces, their intimacy with dance and an unrequited love that is empathetic. Trailer

He & Him

This film is based on a true story. Trailer

Avar (The Inseparables) (2021)

An untold saga of love and valor that was never allowed to rise. Watch

Mohan Ra Madan (2021)

Mohan ra Madan’ is Sikkim’s first short movie based on queer relationship. Trailer