Queer Themed Indian Non-Fictional Works

Sexual life in ancient India : a study in the comparative history of Indian culture (1953)Johann Jakob Meyer
Maharani: Love Adventures of Indian Maharanis and Princesses (1972) Diwan Jarmani Dass
Sex life under Indian rulers (1974)Rajaram Narayan Saletore
The World Of Homosexuals (1977)Shakuntala Devi
Sex in Indian harem life (1978)Rajaram Narayan Saletore
Sexual Designs in Indian Culture (1979)Akhileshwar Jha
Intimate Relations: Exploring Indian Sexuality (1990)Sudhir Kakar
Neither Man Nor Woman: The Hijras of India (1990)Serena Nanda
Less Than Gay: A Citizens’ Report on the Status of Homosexuality in India (1991)Aids Bhedbhav Virodhi Andolan
Invisible Minority: The Unknown World of the Indian Homosexual (1992)Arvind Kala
Uncertain Liaisons: Sex, Strife & Togetherness In Urban India (1993)Khushwant Singh
History of Doing: An Illustrated Account of Movements for Women’s Rights and Feminism in India, 1800-1990 (1993)Radha Kumar 
Lotus of Another Color (1993)Rakesh Ratti
Kali’s Child: The Mystical and the Erotic in the Life and Teachings of Ramakrishna (1995) Jeffry J Kripal
Hijra/Hijrin: Language and Gender Identity (1995)Kira Hall
Sakhiyani: Lesbian Desire in Ancient and Modern India (1996)Giti Thadani
The Invisibles: A Tale of the Eunuchs of India (1996)Zia Jaffrey
A Question of Silence: The Sexual Economies of Modern India (1998)Mary E. John
Effeminism: The Economy of Colonial Desire (1999)Revathi Krishnaswamy
Love in a Different Climate: Men Who Have Sex with Men in India (1999)Jeremy Seabrook
Woman, Body, Desire in Post-Colonial India: Narratives of Gender and Sexuality (1999)Jyoti Puri
Colonial Masculinity: The ‘Manly Englishman’ and the’ Effeminate Bengali’ in the Late Nineteenth Century (2000)Mrinalini Sinha
Abstracts of selected research studies on sexuality and sexual behaviour in India since 1990s (2000)Khanna, R; Gurbaxani, S; Sengupta, K.
Same-Sex Love in India: Readings from Literature and History (2000)Ruth Vanita, Saleem Kidwai
All You Want Is Money, All You Need Is Love: Sexuality And Romance In Modern India (2000)Rachel Dwyer
Sexuality, Obscenity and Community: Women, Muslims, and the Hindu Public in Colonial India (2001)Charu Gupta
Queering India: Same-Sex Love and Eroticism in Indian Culture and Society (2001)Ruth Vanita
The Lord Who Is Half Woman: Ardhanārīśvara In Indian And Feminist Perspective (2002)Ellen Goldberg
Sexual Sites, Seminal Attitudes: Sexualities, Masculinities and Culture in South AsiaSanjay Srivastava
Stepping Out: Life and Sexuality in Rural India (2003)Mrinal Pande
Made in India: Decolonizations, Queer Sexualities, Trans/national Projects (2004)Suparna Bhaskaran
Sexuality In India: Teenager And Teacher (2004) Kavita Joshi
Queer: “Despised Sexuality”, Law, And Social Change (2004)Arvind Narrain
Sexuality in the Time of AIDS: Contemporary Perspectives from Communities in India (2004)Ravi K. Verma
With Respect to Sex: Negotiating Hijra Identity in South India (2005)Gayatri Reddy
Impossible Desires: Queer Diasporas and South Asian Public Cultures (2005)Gayatri Gopinath, J. Jack Halberstam
Because I Have A Voice: Queer Politics In India (2005)Arvind Narrain, Gautam Bhan
Love’s Rite: Same-Sex Marriage in India and the West (2005)Ruth Vanita
Loving Women: Being Lesbian in Unprivileged India (2006)Maya Sharma
Phobic and the Erotic: The Politics of Sexualities in Contemporary India (2007)Subhabrata Bhattacharyya and Brinda Bose
Passionate Modernity: Sexuality, Class, and Consumption in India (2007)Sanjay Srivastava
Shringaara: A Worthy Aim of Hindu Life: Sexuality in Hinduism (2008)Bharat Gupt
Gay Bombay: Globalization, Love and (Be)Longing in Contemporary India (2008)Parmesh Shahani
Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex: Understanding Homosexuality, Transgender Identity and Intersex Conditions Through Hinduism (2008)Amara Das Wilhelm
Whistling in the Dark: Twenty-One Queer Interviews (2009)R. Raj Rao, Dibyajyoti Sarma
Forbidden Sex, Forbidden Texts: New India’s Gay Poets (2009)Hoshang Merchant
Sexual and Gender Representations in Mughal India (2010)Syed Mubin Zehra
Alternative Sexualities in India – The Construction of Queer Culture (2010)Ana García Arroyo
Of Horizons and Beyond: Glimpses of Lesbians, Bisexual Women, and Transpersons’ Lives (2010)Subhagata Ghosh, Sumita Basu Bandyopadhyay
Gender and Human Rights: Narratives on Macro-Micro Realities (2010)Bishnu C. Barik
Gender and Human Rights: Narratives on Macro-Micro Realities (2010) Barik Bishnu C
Law Like Love: Queer Perspectives On Law (2011)Arvind Narrain, Alok Gupta
Our Lives Our Works: Telling Aravani Life Stories (2011)A. Revathi
Queer (2011)Sunil Gupta
Transgender Spirituality: Man into Goddess (2012)Sakhi Bhava
The Sexual Life of English: Languages of Caste and Desire in Colonial India (2012)Shefali Chandra
Queer Activism in India: A Story in the Anthropology of Ethics (2012)Naisargi Dave
Sexuality Studies (Oxford India Studies in Contemporary Society) (2013)Sanjay Srivastava
Masculinity and its Challenges in India: Essays on Changing Perceptions (2013)Rohit K. Dasgupta & K. Moti Gokulsing (eds)
Illicit Worlds of Indian Dance: Cultures of Exclusion (2013)Anna Morcom
Gods, Men and Women Gender and Sexuality in Early Indian Art (2013)Seema Bawa
A People Stronger: The Collectivization of MSM and TG Groups in India (2013)Suneeta Singh
Gay Subcultures and Literatures: The Indian Projections (2014)Sukhbir Singh
Routledge Handbook of Gender in South Asia (2014)Leela Fernandes
Given to the Goddess: South Indian Devadasis and the Sexuality of Religion (2014)Lucinda Ramberg
India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st Century (2014)Ira Trivedi
Popular Masculine Cultures in India: Critical Essays (2014)Rohit K. Dasgupta, Steven Baker
LGBTQ Identities in Select Modern Indian Literature (2015)Kuhu Sharma
Transgendered People of India: Forsaken Tributaries (2015)Yu Sakurazawa
Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS: Exploring Politics of Women’s Health in India (2015)Skylab Sahu
An Evening Rainbow: Queer Indian Writings from Indian Regional Languages (2015)Kuhu Sharma Chanana
Nothing to Fix: Medicalisation of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (2015)Arvind Narrain
No Outlaws in the Gender Galaxy (2015)Chaynika Shah, Raj Mariwala, Shalini Mahajan, Smriti Nevatia
Gendering the Narrative: Indian English Fiction and Gender Discourse (2015)Nibedita Mukherjee
Rituparno Ghosh: Cinema, Gender and Art (2015)Sangeeta Datta
Legendary Mughal Kings: Homosexuality and Pederasty in South Asia, Pakistan and Bangladesh (2016)Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay
Delhi: Communities of Belonging (2016)Sunil Gupta, Charan Singh
Sexual States: Governance and the Struggle over the Antisodomy Law in India (2016)Jyoti Puri
The Doubleness of Sexuality: Idioms of Same-Sex Desire in Modern India (2016)Akhil Katyal
Androgyny and Female Impersonation in India: Nari Bhav (2016)Tutun Mukherjee & Niladri R. Chatterjee
Risky Bodies & Techno-Intimacy – Reflections on Sexuality, Media, Science & Finance (2016)Geeta Patel
Harmless Hugs (2016)Sahil Verma
Sexualness (2016)Akshay Khanna
Queer Potli: Memories, Imaginations and Re-imaginations of Urban Queer Spaces in India (2016)Pawan Dhall
Gender, Nation and Popular Film in India: Globalizing Muscular Nationalism (2016)Sikata Banerjee
Islamic Law and Muslim Same-Sex Unions (2016)Junaid Jahangir, Hussein Abdullatif,
Transgender Challenges in India (2016)S. Nanjundaswamy, M.R. Gangadhar
Sexuality and Public Space in India: Reading the Visible (2017)Carmel Christy
Homosexuality in the Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of India (2017)Yeshwant Naik
Gender Socialization and the Making of Gender in the Indian Context (2017) Sujit Kumar Chattopadhyay
New Intimacies, Old Desires: Law, Culture and Queer Politics in Neoliberal Times (2017)Dipika Jain and Oishik Sircar
Criminal Love?: Queer Theory, Culture, and Politics in India (2017)R Raj Rao
The Audacity of Pleasure : Sexulities, Literature and Cinema in India (2017)Brinda Bose
Digital Queer Cultures in India: Politics, Intimacies and Belonging (2017)Rohit K Dasgupta
Social Media, Sexuality and Sexual Health Advocacy in Kolkata, India (2017)Rohit Dasgupta and Pawan Dhall
I Am Divine. So Are You: How Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Hinduism Affirm the Dignity of Queer Identities and Sexualities (2017)Devdutt Pattanaik, Jerry Johnson
Infinite Variety: A History of Desire in India (2018)Madhavi Menon
Hijras of Kashmir: a marginalized form of personhood (2018)Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Bund
Sexuality in Classical South Asian Buddhism (2017)Cabezón Ignacio José
Growing Up Gay in Urban India: A Critical Psychosocial Perspective (2018)Ketki Ranade
Invisible Men: Inside India’s Transmasculine Network (2018)Nandini Krishnan
Queer Politics in India: Towards Sexual Subaltern Subjects (2018)Shraddha Chatterjee
Gender & Sexuality in Indian Mythology (2018)Devdutt Pattanaik
Queer Politics in India: Towards Sexual Subaltern Subjects (2018)Shraddha Chatterjee
Unruly Visions: The Aesthetic Practices of Queer Diaspora (2018)Gayatri Gopinath
Kinnar: Divine Immortal (2019) Åke Sander
Dissent and Desire (2019)Sunil Gupta, Charan Singh
Governing Gender and Sexuality in Colonial India: The Hijra, c.1850–1900 (2019)Jessica Hinchy
For the Record: On Sexuality and the Colonial Archive in India (2019)Anjali Arondekar
Shifting Religious Sacredness to Forced Prostitution. The Deconstruction of Hijras from Without and Within (2019)Antonia Helesic
Marriage of Convenience (2019)Meghna Mehra
Launda Dancer: Anyo Hijrer Bhinna Bhuban (2019)Niloy Basu
Being Janana: Language and Sexuality in Contemporary India (2019)Ila Nagar
Unruly Figures: Queerness, Sex Work, and the Politics of Sexuality in Kerala (2019)Navaneetha Mokkil
Transgender Welfare and Society (2019)E. Jayanthy
Queer at Work (2019)Sasmita Palo and Kumar Kunal Jha
Gay Icons of India (2019)Hoshang Merchant, Akshaya K. Rath
Queer Studies: Texts, Contexts, Praxis (2019)Kaustav Bakshi, Rohit K. Dasgupta
LGBT Community in India: A Study (2019) Sanjeev Kumar
Transgender in Indian Context: Rights and Activism (2020)Dipak Giri
Working With Transgenders Manmeet Grover, Vijay Srivastava
Gender, Sexuality, Decolonization: South Asia in the World Perspective (2020) Ahonaa Roy
(Hi)Stories of Desire: Sexualities and Culture in Modern India (2020)Rajeev Kumaramkandath (Editor),
 Sanjay Srivastava (Editor)
The Great Irony of Section 377: In India (2020)Louise Roy
Ishtyle: Accenting Gay Indian Nightlife (2020)Kareem Khubchandani
Out of Line and Offline: Queer Mobilizations in ’90s Eastern India (2020)Pawan Dhall
Muscular India: Masculinity, Mobility & the New Middle Class (2020)Michiel Baas
Indian Sex Life: Sexuality and the Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought (2020)Durba Mitra
Reel and the Real: Portrayal of Gay Men in Bollywood Films (2020)Himadri Roy
Queer sexualities In Indian Culture (2020)Dipak Giri
Queeristan: LGBTQ Inclusion in the Indian Workplace (2020)Parmesh Shahani
Sex and the Supreme Court: How the Law is Upholding the Dignity of the Indian Citizen (2020)Saurabh Kirpal
Love Is Not a Word: The Culture and Politics of Desire (2020)Debotri Dhar
Queering Tribal Folktales from East and Northeast India (2020)Kaustav Chakraborty
Souls of Someone (2021)Shino Anila Cherian
Transgender in India — Achievers and Survivors (2021)C K Gariyali and Priyadarshini Rajkumar
Sexuality, Abjection and Queer Existence in Contemporary India (2021)Pushpesh Kumar
Love Is Not a Word: The Culture and Politics of DesireDebotri Dhar
Intimate City (2021)Manjima Bhattacharjya
Pink Revolutions: Globalization, Hindutva, and Queer Triangles in Contemporary India (2021)Nishant Shahani
Rebel Angel: Collected Prose of Hoshang Merchant (2021)Hoshang Merchant, Akshaya K. Rath 
EQUALLY: Stories by Friends of the Queer World (2021)Srini Ramaswamy
Hijras, Lovers, Brothers: Surviving Sex and Poverty in Rural India (2021)Vaibhav Saria
Pha(bu)llus: A Cultural History (2021)Alka Pande, Amrita Narayanan, Johan Mattelaer


Aids Sutra: Untold Stories from India (2008) Negar Akhavi
Moving Truth(s): Queer and Transgender Desi Writings on Family (2015)Aparajeeta Duttchoudhury, Rukie Hartman
It’s Normal! (2015)Mahinder Watsa
Made In India (One Love Stories)Orran George, David Booher
Secret Writings of Hoshang Merchant (2016)Hoshang Merchant
Bhupen Khakhar: You Can’t Please All (2016)Chris Dercon
Eleven Ways to Love: Essays (2018)Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan
Fearless Love: Anthology (2019)Vikram Kolmannskog, Stefan Storm
விடுபட்டவை (Vidupattavai)கிரீஷ் (Gireesh)
Mai bhi ek insan hu: LIFE OF HOMOSEXUAL (2020) Happiest Human
Deviant: Chronicles of Pride (2021) Samhitha Reddy, Ashley Amber 
The L-word: Love, Lust and Everything In-Between (2021) Aastha Atray Banan
K Laxma Goud—In Black & White (2021)Ratna Rao Shekar
Transgender in India – Achievers and Survivors: An ode to Transwomen (2021) Dr Gariyali CK, Priyadarshini Rajkumar
We Are Not The Others: Reflections of a Transgender Artivist (2021)Kalki Subramaniam