LGBTQ Podcasts

QradioQradio is India’s first radio station for India’s LGBT community. An on-line radio platform that voices the advocacy, activism and lifestyle dialogue of the LGBT community with live chat shows and other fun programs on fashion, work, music and more. Facebook:
Keeping it QueerA show hosted by comedian Navin Noronha, that welcomes members from the LGBT community who are out and proud and cover everything from the quirks of their sexuality to how their lives evolved as a queer individual.
Queering DesiQueering Desi is a podcast that celebrates the unique experiences of South Asian LGBTQ+ people. Each week, a guest will chat with long-time community activist and writer, Priya Arora, about their journey and what it means to be true to who you are.
Gender JalebiHosted by RJ Shruti Sharada, the podcast speak honestly, critically and with humour on all matters of gender.
Rainbow DiariesPost the decriminalization of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code in 2018 by the hon’ble Supreme Court of India, RJ Mandee and RJ Kabir decided to celebrate the community’s newfound freedom with India’s only LGBTQIA+ Radio show – Rainbow Diaries with Mandee & Kabir.
Shuddh Desi GayYogi and Kabeer are outliers in the gay world as well as in the straight. They come from regular, middle-class Indian families and are a monogamous pair, in a committed long-term relationship. In this podcast they talk about their journey, their relationship, their experiences as homosexuals, both individually and as a couple.
Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style!In this podcast your hosts Nishtha and Pragya will be talking, debating, discussing and dissecting the important concept of intersectionality, how it plays into different spheres of our lives, and also how feminism isn’t really feminism without intersectionality.
Tech QCTech Queer Conversation is a podcast of PSG Tech QC where we discuss about mental health, gender, sexuality, Queerness and much more about self care.
Queer Conversations with KayDeeWe are just two queer people and we want to put our voices across and have conversions about queer experiences we have had in life.
GayBCD Two blokes – Farhad Karkaria and Sunetro Lahiri will trying to learn, unravel, uncover and discover a little more about being queer in today’s day and age. 
Azaad AwaazAzaad Awaaz is a 10-episode series from Audible Suno hosted by filmmaker Mozez Singh. In a series of powerful interviews, Mozez and his guests celebrate life’s most important pursuit: the freedom to be and love who you are. Hear the dreams, hopes, triumphs, struggles, and joy of India’s LGBTQIA+ community and its allies.
Gender QuestionGender Question is a weekly podcast in which Associate Editor Dhamini Ratnam addresses blindspots around gender and sexuality, by taking an issue that’s in the news, and looking at it differently, with the help of experts.
Jub We TalkIndia’s first LGBT podcast
Queering Indian documentaryDebalina Majumdar documents homophobic violence, queer desires and forgotten queer heroes.
377377 is a scripted narrative podcast about the legal action and accompanying social movement against Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.
TranspeakA podcast featuring trans masculine people from Mumbai, talking about all things trans masculine.
Masala PodcastIt is a podcast about all those things we‘re not supposed to talk about as South Asian womxn. Everything from sex, sexuality, periods, menopause, mental health, shame, sexual harassment to… nipple hair!
Queer Stories of KeralaIt’s a podcast for every proud queer mallu out there & every proud rainbow humans from the South